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ARISF contributed to the success of the International Sport Federation Forum 2017

ARISF contributed to the success of the International Sport Federation Forum 2017

November 21, 2017

The ARISF and UIM President Raffaele Chiulli closed the IF Forum 2017 thanking all delegates who came together as leaders in sport to discuss the important topic of how the IFs can lead the way towards a sustainable agenda.

The IF Forum 2017 was a great platform and opportunity to Learn, Share and Interact with sport and industry leading best practices.

“Many of the outcomes and learnings from over the last 3 days have resonated with me - Raffaele Chiulli said - I would like to share a few: Collaboration, Leadership and Reach”.

Sustainability is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders and it has to include education, exchange of best practices and information to partnerships with NGOs and between IFs.

As we strive to include sustainability principles in all that we do, it is imperative that the IFs also take a leading role in spreading our message and encouraging all our stakeholders to do more as well.

IFs are uniquely placed to promote the conservation on biodiversity and sustainability in sport. This is due in part to the fact that the sports world reaches all corners of the globe and transcends political, gender, religious and other boundaries.

It is also important to keep in mind that the athletes are our strongest ambassadors. They inspire people with their performances and some even become household names. Therefore, the athletes can and should play a leading role in getting our sustainability messages out to the wider public.

“Congratulations to everyone, sharing their vast diversity of sustainability practices in their sport events in the 5 themes that make up the IOC sustainability strategy. Raffaele Chiulli also said- We can ALL benefit from adopting standards and actions and develop a culture of Sustainability. In this regard, ARISF shared several good practices at the Forum and its collaboration with AISTS, the sport management program in Lausanne”.

In his final remark, the ARISF President outlined the positive developments from GAISF and the IOC who have signed a MoU, underscoring the unity of vision and purpose between the two organisations and to a continuing close and fruitful relationship, which will benefit all of sport’s stakeholders.

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  • Interactive working session with delegates from various international Federations.
  • ARISF President addressing the International Federations and many other stakeholders at the SportAccord IF Forum.