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Nanjing and the Roller Sports: when the Games create a long-term legacy

Nanjing and the Roller Sports: when the Games create a long-term legacy

February 01, 2016

"Since the 2014 Youth Olympics, our main goal has been to become the World Capital of Roller Sports. We are working hard on the promotion of the roller sports and we hope that more and more young people could get close to these disciplines in the next few years."

The words of Mr. Hu Wanjin, Deputy Mayor of Nanjing, summarize the concept of "legacy" just fine: after being showcased in the SportsLab, the roller sports reached the hearth of Nanjing so much so that the City recognized Roller Sports as the perfect fit for its growing community of members very focused on youth activities.

Today, the FIRS President Sabatino Aracu officially awarded Nanjing with the title of "World Capital of Roller Sports", in the Sala Giunta of the Italian NOC in Rome at the presence of the Italian Olympics Committee President, Mr. Giovanni Malagò, and Mr. Mario Pescante, IOC Member and Permanente Observer to United Nations.

"Sharing IOC President Bach's view on how important the legacy with the city of Nanjing was, the FIRS started a cooperation with its Municipality that produced a series of very important commmitments: the first International Seminar for Coaches/Ambassadors hold in 2015, the 2016 World Speed Championships, the 2018 World Inline Hockey Championships and, above all, the first edition in 2017 of the FIRS World Roller Games", Mr. Aracu said in his speech before the delivering of the honorary plaque.

"For all these reasons, and having witnessed with how much love, enthusiasm and expertise Nanjing cares for young people and Roller Sports, the FIRS will award the City of Nanjing with the title of World Capital of Roller Sports."